Opportunity & Cooperation

Opportunity & Cooperation Service

We provide individualized solutions to out clients through Opportunity & Cooperation services so as to make their business easier and promote the communication and cooperation between them.

Business Scope

ENMORE's experienced team of experts in a variety of industries provide high quality services to more than 200,000 clients at home and abroad. To make trade easier is ENMORE's mission. Under this principle, we provide professional one-stop solutions to all clients through our Opportunity & Cooperation service.

Publicity & Marketing

We provide professional and individualized services ranging from enterprise publicity and market entrance to park promotion and new product promotion.

Research & Consultancy

To meet client's specific needs, we provide them with customized feasibility study on market entrance, including advises on site selection, potential customer research, market trend analysis, research on distribution channels of a target market, credit and background check of target customers, investment policy study, etc.

Matchmaking & Investigation

We also recommend business partners, make arrangement of business visits, meetings and investigation to a target market according to client's specific requriements.