Date: March 22-March 23, 2017 Venue: zhejiang, hangzhoushi

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Global Automotive NVH Technology Conference 2017

 30+ OEMs  50+ assembly components manufacturers  20+ simulation software suppliers  Case study: the most complicated NVH problems  Sharing the most advanced test method and simulation strategy  A visit to China’s largest college-level engine NVH laboratory

Why attend?

Ø  Brand enhancement and in-depth understanding of advanced enterprises’ business idea and future strategy

Ø  Learn advanced technology and experience from overseas experts

Ø  Take the lead in NEV NVH performance development

Ø  Brainstorm the possible solutions to complicated NVH problems

Event Highlights

Ø  Vehicle NVH performance forward engineering and research

Ø  Road noise and wind noise TPA and optimization

Ø  Sound quality research and active noise control

Ø  Powertrain NVH testing technology

Ø  Engine vibration reduction design and trend

Ø  Transmission gear whine solution

Ø  Hybrid vehicle’s NVH performance


Ø  Sound package R&D and lightweight matching

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