Date: July 02-July 03, 2014 Venue: shandong, qingdaoshi

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11th Oleochem Outlook 2014

In the China Development Forum 2014, Mr. Liu Shijin, the Deputy Director of Development Research Center of the State Council, presented and predicted the tendency of China's economy. He said that now China’s economy had entered into a transition period of economic growth and it might have reached its bottom. However, as the economy grows slowly and RMB undervalued, what changes will be brought about to the development of Oleochem industry?

Upon feedstock, the price of palm oil has fallen from its recent peak after remaining strong during the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014. The statistics of shipping research institute—IT&SGS shows that month-to-month export volume of Malaysian palm oil decreased 11%~12% in March, which effectively curbs the price increase of palm oil. However, with the revolution of bio-fuels, the co-movement of crude oil and vegetable oil’s premium, and capriciousness of palm oil industry and policies, how to operate the fluctuation of palm oil price? How to predict the recent tendency of domestic “slow reaction” market?

In 2013, the EU anti-dumping law to Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel reduced the operating rate of biodiesel manufacturers and tighten the crude glycerin supply, which had driven glycerin’s price up to more than $ 400 and increased its import volume to more than 500,000 tons in that year. In October, the price of crude glycerin started to fall, so did the price of domestic refined glycerin afterwards. In the year of 2014, the market sees the low operating rate of ECH and slack demand from downstream industry. Therefore, has the price of glycerin reached the bottom? how will the market of develop in the future?

In fatty alcohol industry, the newly built manufacturers and the manufacturers with new expansion capacities have drown a lot of attention since 2013, such as Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. and Jiangsu Hsintai Chemical S&T Corp., Ltd. What is the current status? With the growing demand from the downstream industry of daily use chemical caused by economic development, will it trigger more capacity expansion? Besides, will there be new technical change in surfactants? Facing the changes in consumer demand, how should players develop new applications?

Event Highlights

  • The speed of economic development has slowed down, how will the oleochem industry chain structure react ?
  • The palm oil market has been going through ups and downs, how to analyze gaints’ influence on market?
  • On the issue of EU anti-dumping to Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel, who will be the winner?
  • The glycerin price fluctuates, and the operation rate of ECH is low, how these glycerin refineries respond?
  • The capacity of fatty alcohol is increasing, will the surfactant industry experience a booming market?
  • What is potential market demand for daily chemicals and surfactant industries?