Date: September 24-September 25, 2014 Venue: hongkong, hongkong

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5th Global Ethanol Focus 2014


This year Asian Ethanol Market changes a lot, especially in the trade pattern. Cargoes from Thailand have become banned for export. With the support of E5,E10, Asian countries has expanded their ethanol capacity, like Philippine and Thailand. Biofuel has played an integrated part in the Asian countries. Also, India followed up the blending soon. Though facing the changing of he government, People still show their confidence in the future blending.


Furthermore, CBI also invites you to keep eye on the China ethanol market. With operation successfully started using acetic acid produced ethanol by quite a few companies in China this year, And how this is going to impact on its neighboring countries as well as the American countries far away?

Also, let’s switch our eyes to American market, strong demand of ethanol in Brazil will increase the existing capacity, also promote USA’S ethanol exporting, bringing new chances for the United States’ ethanol industry.

However, this year, for the ethanol price in USA, it has met some dramatically changes, down then roar up.

With the skyrocketing of the price, Asian countries have considered to decline their importing while increasing their home capacity. So definitely, we will discuss how USA and Brazil’s, raw materials, ethanol will impact on Asian market.


The 5th Global Ethanol Focus 2014 hosted by CBI ethanol industry conference will be held on September 24th- 25th. We sincerely invite all the ethanol players to share information about the changing trade flow, raw materials, downstream terminals and exchange opinions on Asian potential opportunities.

Why attend?

Focus on Asian Ethanol Market------Stepping into its fifth year, GEF knows more and better about ethanol, we always dedicate to unite all the global active ethanol players and make the information go faster.

Practical business platform ---- Effective communication and high contract rates at GEF.

Strong China background — GEF provides unique platform to grasp the business opportunities in China ethanol market

More than conference ---Philippine Bio-ethanol Exploration Tour, Site-tour to Thai Ethanol plant, reports and brokerage give you more humanized all-around commercial service.


ISMA, is the oldest industrial Association in the country which was established in 1932 when tariff protection was granted to the industry. It is recognised by both the Central and State Governments as the central apex organisation to voice the cause of the sugar industry. Sugar mills in the private sector as well as the public sector are eligible to become members of ISMA. Its total strength of membership as on date stands at 260. ISMA’s history is synonymous to the growth of the sugar industry in India which also began in early 1930s. 

India entered the sugar export market for the first time in the year 1957 which was entirely on the initiative of ISMA. ISMA itself then undertook export of sugar as the export agency of the Government for which a separate wing was started. 

SMA maintains close contacts with all regions in India through a network of regional Associations and with international organisations and Associations through international bodies. ISMA is the interface between the industry and Government on matters relating to sugar policy, statistics on production, sales, exports/ imports, prices etc.

ISMA maintains database for the sugar industry which is shared with all the member factories, media and also various Government organisations. The Association publishes a monthly journal, 'Indian Sugar', as well as yearly publications called 'Indian Sugar Year Book- Vol 1', List of sugar mills in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka giving all relevant information about each sugar factory is also published. A statistical handbook is also prepared every year on production, prices, sales, exports/imports etc.

The office of the Association functions through its Executive Committee, Governing Council and various standing sub-committees on specific issues. Special cells have also been created to provide guidance and help to the members on important topics.

The organisation has a vibrant R&D Cell, it added yet another coveted feather on its cap by successfully executing the first ever satellite mapping of sugarcane areas in the country.

ISMA is also the member of several International industry Associations including International Sugar Organisation, World Sugar Research Organisation, World Association of Beet and Cane Growers and Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reforms and Liberalisation.

Event Highlights

Feedstock Focus: Increasing capacity of sugar& sugarcane, Import& export data of Thai tapioca trading, Corn trade war between China and US

Tracking Trade Flow: Latest in-depth analysis on global trading flow highlighting hot spots tracking more supply!

Downstream Demand Overview: Catching up with new policies on regional BIO-FUEL ethanol developments,

Overview in Beverage and Industrial sector usage