Date: September 15-September 16, 2015 Venue: beijing, beijingshi

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6th Global Ethanol Focus 2015

Enmore (formerly known as CBI China), is going to hold 6th Global Ethanol Focus 2015 during September 15-16, 2015 in Beijing, China, after a series of successful GEF events. We are now gathering market participants of knowledge and experience to share the dynamics, developments and challenges lie ahead for ethanol and biofuels. 100+ attendees from ethanol chains worldwide are expected.

Why attend?

To follow the government direction, seize the new market trend, and predict

 the new demand.

To get involved in a platform where covering in-depth speeches, panel

 discussions, networking, and promotion.

To communicate with market players, define ethanol development and future

Event Highlights

0900-1200   Presenting Global Renewable Energy Development

Taking a glance at the progress made from policy into reality

Positioning ethanol industry among renewable energy

1400-1800  Tracing   Ethanol Feedstock, Biomass; Projecting 

Ethanol Production &Trade

Mapping various feedstocks of   different countries, tracking volatile price and

its availability

Seeing ethanol market from its   production and trade

Catching up the new updates on   technology of 2G ethanol

0900-1200   Navigating Hot Markets and Tracking New Opportunities

Taking a look at the current situation with a special focus on  

China and emerging markets

1800-2000  Outdoor   Party

Join the outdoor party and band

Network with market players, decision makers in a free and  

cheerful atmosphere

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