Date: March 15-March 16, 2016 Venue: jiangsu, nanjingshi

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11th Ethanol Chain Summit 2016

Since December 2006, ENMORE organized the fi¬rst Ethanol industry chain market forum .We have consecutive hosted the ethanol Annual Meeting for 10 years. Place in Nanjing, Sanya, Changchun, Qingdao, Dalian. A total of 1000 companies in the past eight years, and accumulated more than 1500 people to the meeting, the participants covered by domestic and foreign ethanol producers, ethanol traders, dried cassava suppliers, ethanol downstreamusers. Thanks to your support, We keep innovating and developing, laying a solid foundation for the excellence for the ethanol conference.

Why attend?

Liu Wentao

Senior Marketing Manager

COFCO Corporation Biological energy   division

Surapong Saengsiripongpun

Vice President

Thailand Tapioca Trade Association

Wang Baoquan

General Manager for R & D center

Dalian Yigu Information Consulting   Co.,Ltd

Liu Yue

Senior Engineer

Henan Tianguan Group Co., Ltd.,

Liu Qiang

Deputy General Manager

AVIC International Renewable Energy Co.,   Ltd.

Paul Roberts

Sales Director

Alcotra Singapore Pte Ltd

Shayan Aslam Khan

General Manager

Dewan Sugar Mills Limited

Zhu Lining


ICIS China

Event Highlights

Deep analysis for corn subsidy policy and prospect for future growth of ethanol producer.


Discuss the sudden change of tapioca import policy and future supply.


Outlook for import ethanol, will the domestic market still leave space for the import?


Will the fuel ethanol gains new opportunity under the haze?

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