Date: July 12-July 13, 2017 Venue: jiangsu, nanjingshi

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14th Oleochem Outlook 2017

By 2016, most of the commodity bottom out and move into a warm spring. Expert predict that the crude oil may possible maintain around USD 50-60. Major trades and industries are in full swing under Supply-side Structural reform, what is the future aspect for Oleochemical Industry?

Event Highlights

  • New Chapter is beginning under Supply-side Structural Reform. What is the Future of Oleochemical Industry?
  • How to Grasp Perfect Timing to Transact Oleochem and Biodiesel while these Industries Change Rapidly?
  • The Prices of PO & PKO are Changing Every Day. What Downstream Companies should do to Deal with it calmly?
  • How Fatty Acid & Fatty Alcohol Industries Should do to Increase Operating Rates under Oversupply Situation in Southeast Asia?
  • Crude Glycerin is suffering from the Biodiesel Anti-dumping Policy. When will it be free?
  • Researches and Developments of New Surfactant Products are Competing with Each Other. How will New Products Occupy the Market?
  • Function, Eco-friendly, Concentration, Individuation, Will Terminal Consumption Habits Cause an Upstream Revolution?

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