Date: October 24-October 26, 2018 Venue: hubei, wuhanshi

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13th International Olefin Annual Conference 2018

Fluctuations in oil prices and imbalance of demand and supply resulting from the shale gas boom in North America make big difference on global olefin market. The associated surplus of ethane resources carried forward the ethane export market. How are the progresses of the imported ethane projects? With the rapid development of e-commerce and express delivery services, the consumption growth of polyethylene packaging materials has been prompted, which supports the increase of ethylene consumption demand. Therefore, there is still a big gap in China's ethylene market. Due to the popularity of PDH investment with light raw materials, several PDH equipments come into operation, what is the real condition of those factories at present? Additionally, how will the trade war influence olefin industry? What changes will the strict implementation of China’s Safety and Environmental policy make to future trade flow in chemical industry? ENMORE GROUP is sincerely inviting you to join us this October for 13th International Olefin Annual Conference 2018!

Why attend?

l  Overview of Global Macro Olefin Market

l  Light and Diversified Feedstock

l  Effects of Trade War on Olefin Market

l  Figure out Olefin new capacity and devices

l  Insights on future Global Olefin Trade Flow

l  Nose for the Process of Ethane Projects

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