Date: June 18-June 19, 2014 Venue: jiangsu, nanjingshi

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5th China Bitumen Market Focus 2014

The Chinese economy has maintained stable growth from the start of 2014. Under the policy tone of “advancing reform, adjusting the structure and benefiting the people”, the country’s investment in road and railway construction has increased steadily.

In the traditional bitumen market, during January to April, the spot market kept falling despite the normal demand side. The two domestic petro giants lowered bitumen ex-works prices by turns, followed by a reduction of operating rates and price cuts by teapot refineries. At present, the bitumen futures contract 1406 is priced at a relatively low level, a good opportunity for traders to stock up.

Road construction slows in China; however, the huge demand for maintenance, reconstruction and expansion from large numbers of existing roads, especially those constructed before 2009, will generate stable bitumen demand. The demand for road overhaul and maintenance will significantly outpace the growth of new construction projects. As technology advances production grows and the range of application expands, the price trend of high-grade bitumen products will decouple from the demand side.

The 5th China Bitumen Market Focus 2014 will be held in the historical city of Nanjing, the capital of six dynasties, during 18-19 June 2014. This event will highlight the high-grade modified bitumen market as well as explore new opportunities in road maintenance and upgrading. Through this platform, you will meet more than 150 industry counterparts.

Event Highlights

  •  Will China’s road construction investment restore high rates of growth in the latter part of the so-called 12th Five-Year Plan Period (2011-15)?
  • How will the dramatic increase in road maintenance demand affect bitumen product variety and supply pattern?
  • In view of the current financing condition and policy situation in China, what about the outlook of the bitumen market in H2 2014?
  • As requirements for bitumen performances enhance, will the price trend of high-grade bitumen materials decouple from the demand side?
  • Intensive deliveries of bitumen futures contracts, market review and operation practice
  • High-grade emulsified bitumen’s demand from road maintenance and high-speed rail construction and application status
  • Up-to-date warm mixed bitumen technology, construction technology and case study
  • New industrialized rubber modified bitumen production and application optimization