Date: December 11-December 13, 2014 Venue: beijing, beijingshi

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8th China Bitumen Traders’ Conference 2014

In 2014, with the “new normal” growth of the Chinese economy, the country’s road and railway infrastructure construction has been carried out steadily. In September, the central government plans to enhance its micro-stimulus measures and local governments are taking a bigger effort to meet their growth targets.

At the close of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, there might be an upsurge in bitumen demand because many road construction projects have their deadlines to meet. According to the Plan, by the end of 2015, China’s total mileage of highways, freeways, class II and above highways and rural highways will reach 4.5 million km, 108,000 km, 650,000 km and 3.9 million km respectively. Besides, road maintenance, reconstruction and extension will generate huge demand for bitumen, especially highways constructed before 2009.

This year, bitumen winter storage is fading out. Prices saw a unilateral fall during March to June and hit a new low in recent years in June despite normal demand. As for imports, there is a notable increase in this year’s customs statistics about bitumen imports because the number of imported cutback bitumen for declare has sharply increased due to lack of detailed regulations.

Under such circumstances, CBI BIZ will hold the 8th China Bitumen Traders’ Conference 2014 in Beijing during 11-13 December. We will invite nearly 300 industry players to discuss solutions to deal with changes in the Chinese bitumen market. We sincerely invite you to join us!

Why attend?

We are committed to create China’s No.1 bitumen event brand!

u  To meet 300 local and foreign counterparts and exchange views with them on major issues of this industry.

u  To understand China’s economic policy orientation, forecast changes in road construction demand, understand dynamics of bitumen market fundamentals and seize new market opportunities.

u  To meet enterprises along the bitumen industry chain including major domestic bitumen suppliers, traders, railway material supply companies, modified bitumen manufacturers, engineering companies, road owners, technology and equipment suppliers and overseas refineries.

u  To take benefit from our well-planned information platform which consists of five parts: keynote speeches, panel discussion, seminar, futures forum and business trip.


Event Highlights

1.      How will China’s “new normal” of slower growth affect domestic highway and railway infrastructure construction?

2.      Can we expect another upsurge in bitumen demand from highway and railway construction at the final stage of the 12th Five-Year Plan period?

3.      What about the prospect of bitumen market in 2015 viewed from the existing capital and policy conditions?

4.      What about a dramatic increase in road maintenance demand’s impact on bitumen supply structure?

5.      What about the prospect of cutback bitumen? How will GS and SK’s sales strategy affect the import market trend?

6.      How should bitumen enterprises react to deal with their long-term financing difficulties?

7.      Will the increasing demand for high quality bitumen give more pricing power to high-grade bitumen producers?

8.      What about the development status, bottleneck and prospect of specialty bitumen like lake bitumen, rock bitumen and bio-bitumen in China?

9.      Asia Pacific bitumen market dynamics and new changes in trade flows in 2014-2015

10.   How should domestic buyers of Middle East bitumen strike a balance between supply channel, quality and price in their decision to choose suppliers?