Date: April 06-April 08, 2016 Venue: zhejiang, hangzhoushi

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7th China International Rubber Oil Industry Summit 2016

China tyre industry was beset with troubles at home and abroad in 2015. For Chinese tyre makers, the past year was eventful: we’ve seen trade barriers like antidumping and countervailing duties from the US and antidumping duties from the Eurasian Economic Commission as well as major changes in production like the bankruptcy of Deruibo Tyre and Capital Tyre and the shutdown of Giti Chongqing factory. So far, there have been 6 domestic tyre manufacturers who have overseas factories: Sailun Jinyu, Linglong, Zhongce, Sentury, O’Green and Doublestar. This marks an important step of Chinese tyre industry toward going global.Apart from tyres, other rubber downstream sectors like shoe material, modified bitumen, TPE/TPR, vaseline, hot melt adhesive and lubricant blendstock are also making their appeal to investors. Among them, which sector will have the biggest potential of growth?China International RPO Industry Summit is a grand meeting for RPO industry players and a unique platform of international communication. It will serve as a bridge between RPO producers, traders and end users worldwide with a foothold in the local market. This year, the annual meeting will get together industry leaders, experts and decision-makers in Hangzhou, China during April 6-8, discussing issues of wide concern.

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Opportunity – brand history of 7 years, 3,000+ client base and full coverage of RPO industry chain

Connections – 300+ industry representatives, the only professional RPO industry platform in Asia-Pacific region

Development – upstream and downstream development trends, up-to-date business intelligence, zero-distance communication

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