Date: December 12-December 14, 2018 Venue: zhongqing, chongqingshi

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The 15th International Petroleum Industry Annual Conference --- Crude Oil & Fuel Oil Futures, Gasoline & Diesel Oil and the Raw Material, Private Gas Station Summit

Enmore will hold the 15th International Petroleum Industry Annual Conference, also known as Crude Oil & Fuel Oil Futures, Gasoline & Diesel Oil and the Raw Material, Private Gas Station Summit, in Chongqing China on December 13 and 14. We hereby invite over 300 distinguished guests from the domestic and foreign companies in the industry of crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline and diesel as well as raw material, ethanol gasoline and terminal gas station to join us in southwestern China.

Event Highlights

            We have the special session of crude oil futures, inviting the AA rated futures company to analyze the development status of Shanghai crude oil and 380 fuel oil futures, show how to use futures and options for hedging and handle inventory management with the help of them and provide customized solutions and consulting for production companies and traders.

            We have the special session for the private gas station with the attendees of over 50 private gas station owners covering more than 1,000 gas stations. We also invite the top professional oil quality control personnel in the industry to train oil product procurement skills and analyze the refinery products, directly connecting the upstream and downstream enterprises to fulfill their supply and demand needs.

             The ethanol gasoline policy is promising. In 2020, ethanol gasoline will be introduced nationwide. During the meeting, the focus will be on the trend of the ethanol gasoline policy, its impact on the oil industry and the industrial structure transformation in up, middle and down stream,

              Since 2004, Enmore, the leading brand in conference organization, has successfully held Annual Conferences in the past 15 years and built up the industrial resources from 7,000 domestic and foreign partners, with over 30% foreign attendees. Enmore and the grand event of the Annual Conference are you perfect choice.

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