Date: April 10-April 11, 2018 Venue: overseas, overseas

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11th Global Asphalt & Pavement Summit 2019

Asia Pacific area is an essential driving engine for global economic growth, the development of countries in Asia Pacific area urgently requires the rebuilding of infrastructure that would ensure the strong demand for asphalt, which makes this region an important center for global asphalt. According to the research, the asphalt growth rate in Asia Pacific region will exceed 5% by 2025. As the main drivers of the development in Asia Pacific area, India, China, Indonesia and Thailand are mainly relying on mending new roads. In addition to domestically produced asphalt, these countries also need to purchase the asphalt from overseas market and many of these overseas sources are from UAE, Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries. In recent years, China's road construction growth rate has declined slightly, and the import volume in 2018 also showed a slowdown. However, as we know, 2019 is the late stage of China's “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. According to the past experience, road projects will enter the construction peak during this time, which may also support the demand for asphalt. In addition, the demand for asphalt in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has gradually moved to the road maintenance, reconstruction and housing waterproofing market. Based on the above facts, we may conclude that the asphalt demand and trade flows in different regions have different characteristics. Which country's growth is most worthy of attention? What are the new trends in policy and road construction in different countries? Will the Asia-Pacific refinery affect the import and export pattern of asphalt due to the change of IMO2020? How to interpret some national road projects in the model of PPP?