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ENMORE: 12th Oleochem Outlook 2015

201505月22日     Source:Enmore

SHANGHAI--(Business Wire)--ENMORE (formerly known as CBI CHINA) will present its flagship event 12th Oleochem Outlook 2015 in Xiamen, China on July 8-9.

Coming to its 12th year, the conference will bring 300 market players including biodiesel producers, palm oil suppliers, fatty acid manufacturers, fatty alcohol manufacturers, surfactant manufacturers, daily-use chemical procurement, additive manufacturers, futures market players, associations and also others to gather in Xiamen, one of the most beautiful seaside cities in China to take a look at the market.

In 2014, the crude oil price plummeted. WTI and Brent Oil went down with gradually increased volatility quite different from its stable trend in 2013. Under such circumstances, how will the oleochemical Industry develop? For raw materials, the palm oil price kept going down under the pressure of decreased crude oil price. What would be the price outlook for palm oil? And how would the kernel oil price go in the competition with CNO? With the overcapacity of the fatty alcohol industry, how will the players balance the supply & demand? What is the new trend of surfactant? Meanwhile, the biodiesel manufacturers suffered a lot from the plunge of crude oil price. Market players are quite concerned about the tight supply of glycerin -- will this bring another peak of the glycerin price?

Hence, the following topics will be discussed:

1.     Outlook for Chinese Economy- Risks & Opportunities

Speaker: Fu Peng, President, China Macro Hedge Fund Institute

2.     Secure Investment in Oleochemical Industry & Absorb Surplus in Asia

Speaker: Norman Ellard, President, IP Specialities Asia Pte Ltd

3.     Extend Supply Chain, in the Perspective of Plantations

4.     Overview of Global Oilseed Products Market

5.     Biodiesel: Struggling to Survive

Speaker: Chris De Lavigne, Global VP Consulting, Frost& Sullivan

6.     Oleochemicals, Alcohols and Beyond

Speaker: Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, Neil A. Burns LLC

7.     Price Curve of Fatty Acid/Glycerin Market

Speaker: Alexis Gan, Editor, ICIS Singapore

8.     Sustainable Development of Fatty Amine

Inviting: AkzoNobel

9.     Overview of Chinese Fatty Alcohol Market

Inviting: Sasol

10 Updates on Surfactant Industry

Speaker: China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry

11 New Application of Palmitic Acid, Lauric Acid and Myristic Acid

TBC: Wilmar Group

12 Will Changeable End-user Market Stimulate Procurement Demand?

TBC: Liby Group

13 Breakouts for Biodiesel in SEA Regions

Speaker: U.R. Unnithan, Deputy President, Malaysian Biodiesel Association (MBA)

14 Brazil: Market Dominator of Crude Glycerin Supply in 2015?

Speaker: Leonardo Gardemann, CEO, Meridional

15 Subsequent Development of Chinese Complicate Glycerin Market

Speaker: Mr. Dai Guoqing, Managing Director, Hua Long Glycerin Co.,Ltd.

16 Will Chinese Biodiesel Plants Be New Source of Glycerin?

17 Glycerin or Propylene>>>ECH?


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