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IZA Will Host the 2nd Zinc Smelting & Environment Conference in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia

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Event Overview

International Zinc Association will host the 2nd Zinc Smelting & Environment Conference in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. The conference will be co-organized by NFC Kumba Chifeng Hongye Zinc Industry Co., Ltd, Hulun Buir Chihong Mining Co., Ltd., Outotec Oyj and others.  Presentations will focus on zinc smelting and refining technology and processes, equipment, recycling, and environmental issues.



Wanda Realm Chifeng 

12 Xilamulun Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia 024000, P. R. China

Tel: (86 476) 599 8888   

Fax: (86 476) 599 8999


Organizational Structure

Organizer:                   International Zinc Association (IZA)

Co- organizer:             NFC Kumba Chifeng Hongye Zinc Industry Co., Ltd

Operator:                     Zinc Association Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Supporting organizers:      Hulun Buir Chihong Mining Co., Ltd.

Outotec Oyj

China ENFI Engineering Ltd.

Media Partner:           Shanghai Enmore Business Development Co., Ltd.


Preliminary agenda

August 24, 2015 (Monday)

09:00 -         Registration desk open

18:00 - 20:00     Buffet Dinner


August 25, 2015 (Tuesday)

09:00 - 12:00      Opening ceremony and speeches

12:00 -         Lunch

14:00 - 15:45      Speeches

15:45 - 17:45      Chifeng Hongye site visit

18:30 -         Banquet


August 26, 2015 (Wednesday)

08:45 - 12:00     Speeches

12:00 -             Lunch

14:00 - 17:00    Speeches and Q & A

17:00 -             Dinner


August 27, 2015 (Thursday)

Visit to Hulun Buir Chihong Mining Co., Ltd



NFC Kumba Chifeng Hongye Zinc Industry Co., Ltd

NFC Kumba Chifeng Hongye Zinc Industry Co., Ltd is a China state-owned joint venture; its zinc smelting production reached 250,000 tons/year and the primary zinc smelting process used is hot acid leaching – low pollution jarosite precipitation to remove iron. The process is mature and reliable, making the operation stable with a low operating cost. The ratio of first-grade products is very high (more than ten years in a row and always maintain 100%); the technical and economic indicators are among the most advanced internationally. Due to the scientific management of this enterprise as well as their resources, energy, technology, funds, land and various other favorable conditions, this company has obtained preferable economic and social benefits. Recently there are many comprehensive recycling initiatives. In 2003, this company received the National Labor Award Unit. Chifeng Hongye is among the leading zinc companies in China and has received many visits from top national leadership, gaining high appraisal.


Hulun Buir Chihong Mining Co., Ltd

Hulun Buir Chihong Mining Co., Ltd was established in 2007. The smelter, located in Hulun Buir Economic Development Zone, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yunnan Chihong Zn & Ge Limited Company. The designed production capacity is 200,000 tons of lead and zinc per year. Gold, silver, cadmium, copper, indium and other valuable metals are comprehensively recovered in the smelter.  In 2014, this smelter was successfully put into trial production stage. The company has introduced “Ausmelt Oxygen Top Blown ” as its major process for its lead production to achieve the oxidation and reduction reactions within the same smelting furnace. Zinc smelting uses a "Two stage rich oxygen pressure direct leaching” process which has its own proprietary intellectual property right as the main electric zinc smelting process. A lead and zinc complex plant has complementary advantages. This company has world-class equipment.


Conference Secretariat/Contacts

International Zinc Association

Shanghai Representative Office

Room 636, Jing An Lvde Building

1189 West Wuding Road, Jing An District

Shanghai, China 200042

Tel: 86 (0) 21 - 32231689

Fax: 86 (0) 21 - 32231685


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