Chemical Event



Enmore Chemical is currently running several brand event series. Over the past 15 years, it has successfully organized over one thousand conferences and exhibitions covering a variety of chemical sectors such as olefins, BTX, styrene, phenol & acetone, PA, NBA & 2-EH, dihydric alcohols, PX, PTA, PU, UPR, EP, methyl, glacial acetic acid, VAM, etc. Testimonials from chemical industry clients: “Enmore chemical events provide us with information about the whole industrial chain.” “Enmore is acting as an efficient and reliable platform of information between suppliers, traders and end users at home and abroad. It really helps us a lot.” “We are deeply impressed by all the efforts made by Enmore.” “We look forward to every chance of cooperation and cherish the joy of a win-win result each time.” Enmore Chemical – never stop improving our services!